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10/24/18 ALESN Monday night CANTONESE class summary and notes FOR 10/22/18

ALESN Monday night CANTONESE class summary and notes

Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 3:08 PM

Hi Gang,

This past Monday, we covered pages 2 and 3 in our textbook. I also strongly recommended that everyone read the introductory pages from the very beginning of the book up to page 1. It is always a good idea to know what to expect before you come across new material in a course.

This past Monday night, we covered a brief dialogue based on a simple case of mistaken identity. I went through syllable by syllable, tone by tone, then we reviewed the entire short dialogue via the Recapitulation, and then we broke up into small groups for 10 minutes to allow pairs and tables to run the dialogue back and forth several times. I was encouraged by what I heard and by the accuracy of the tones when everyone was repeating immediately after me. This leads me to conclude that ALL of you are capable of producing the correct tones in real time in theory. The trick is to eventually be able to connect everything you are learning so you can produce the correct tones in real time ON YOUR OWN without repeating after someone with correct pronunciation.

In general, I feel like we are off to an excellent start. Next week, we will begin to look more in depth at tones and we will begin to explore the basic syllabic building blocks of the sounds of Cantonese Chinese. Please PREVIEW this material from pages 3-12. This is the material that we will cover over the next 2 classes.

  1. Read from the very beginning of the book through page 1.
  2. Review pages 2-3, which were covered in class.
  3. Preview pages 3-12, focusing on pages 3-10.
  4. LISTEN TO THE MP3 THAT ACCOMPANIES LESSON 1. Try to listen to the entire mp3, so you can begin to allow the sounds of Cantonese to seep into your mind.
Best wishes and see everyone next week,

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