Sunday, November 4, 2018

10/15/18 ALESN Cantonese I class -- welcome back after a 2 week Federal Holiday break -- see everyone tonight...

ALESN Cantonese I class -- welcome back after a 2 week Federal Holiday break -- see everyone tonight...

Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 10:38 AM

Hi Gang,

A few things:
  1. Just checking in -- making sure that you have been reviewing the material from the handout we covered 2 weeks ago. Also hoping that each of you has been and will continue to be proactive, exploring various free and low cost independent studies resources online, on YT, checking out Pimsleur Cantonese, etc.
  2. Reminder: RECORD YOUR CLASSES FROM YOUR DESK! Every year I ask my students plainly and simply: HOW CAN YOU EXPECT TO LEARN TO SPEAK A BRAND NEW LANGUAGE PROPERLY IF YOU CANNOT LISTEN BACK TO YOURSELF, HEAR WHAT YOU ARE DOING RIGHT AND KEEP THAT, HEAR WHAT YOU ARE DOING WRONG AND FIX THAT, AND IN GENERAL BE ABLE TO CHART YOUR PROGRESS WITH THE WAY THAT THE LANGUAGE SOUNDS? Every year, I ask people this and my students mostly mumble in response -- something to the effect of, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, whateverzzzzz." Then, 9 months later, these same students have really, really SHITTY pronunciation -- the kind of pronunciation that a native speaker would need charades or an English translation to understand. Please, for the love of everything that is holy, take me seriously and record your lessons. RECORD YOUR OWN VOICE MAKING MISTAKES EVERY SINGLE WEEK, and then listen back to each lesson, preferably several times, so that you can fix those mistakes. I am really going to drill pronunciation and tones this year, and I am going to seem like an asshole to some of you. Those of you who feel this way will wind up quitting if you don't do whatever you need to do to sound "Chinesey" when you speak Chinese. For the next few weeks, I am going to ask you all over and over AND OVER again to please record your classes. If any of you is not recording and listening back to your lessons and yet is struggling with pronunciation and tones as the weeks go by, you might as well quit my class, because you will be wasting your time and mine. If you are recording and listening back to all of your lessons and STILL struggling with your pronunciation and tones, you will ALWAYS be welcome in my classes, no matter how long it takes you to learn to pronounce Cantonese accurately. Cool? Cool.
  3. In tonight's lesson, we are going to review some basic phrases, do some self introductions around the room, and begin looking at pronunciation and tones from a general overview perspective, I am also going to take a few minutes to discuss some additional resources that you can all use to supplement your Chinese learning. This is related to # 1 above:

  • Pimsleur Cantonese, Popup Cantonese and similar audio and podcast resources
  • Disney and other children's DVDs dubbed into Cantonese with English language subtitles.
  • Researching and finding one or more fun Youtube videos specifically on proper pronunciation and tones of Cantonese. If you want to go to my blog that I kept last year for my ALESN classes and if you click on Cantonese 1 and go wayyyyy back to October of 2017, you will find an entry where I give many Youtube links with feedback regarding the helpfulness of each link, for beginner Cantonese pronunciation and tones videos. I suggest that you all check that out:
  • ALSO:

    Please print out and bring with you the attached document from last class. We will be working from this document again tonight, mainly from page 1. I will have copies with me, but I need everyone who attended the first class to please bring the handout that you go last time, so we can save paper. Thanks in advance. Please also download your free textbook per my previous long email with textbook info. We will start looking at the textbook next week or the week after.

    See everyone tonight.


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