Friday, September 29, 2017

Working on getting the menu tabs in the navigation bar larger...

Hey Everyone!

I am not a programmer and have no previous experience building a website. I am learning as I go, from scratch, using a Blogger template and Googling how to tweak whatever I need to tweak when an issue arises.

For whatever reason, the default setup for this template is not allowing me to wrap my navigation bar buttons to a second line, even though my blog from 2014 has obviously wrapped perfectly to a second line for the menu bar. This appears to be some kind of code issue for the particular Blogger template I have chosen for Say It Right Chinese, and I cannot figure it out.

On my enormous 24"+ monitor at home, the menu tabs for Say It Right Chinese were large and fine and functional. On my 12" older Vista laptop, the rightmost button went away and the new rightmost "Mispronouncing Mandarin" tab lost partial "clickability" functionality depending on where the mouse was positioned.

I know that this is an issue and I know exactly what is happening on the screen with this issue, but I don't know what this issue is called in technical jargon or language, nor what is causing it on a programming level, so I don't know what to Google to find a hack to fix this.

Does anyone know the HTML code hack that I can substitute or add (and where AND HOW to do the substitution or addition) to force the navigation bar tabs to scroll to a second line for this default Blogger template? My hypothesis is that the area physically underneath the current menu bar is part of a different section of the blog and is covering up any menu bar items that probably are actually wrapping to the next line, but for this reason, I am not seeing them because they are hidden.

The work-around so far has been for me to simply decrease the font size of the menu tabs so that all 8 navigation bar links now appear on one continuous line on my 12" laptop screen with full clickability function of all tabs. I can make the tabs significantly larger font-wise and still have them all on the same line on this 12" screen, but above the current font size, the rightmost CONTACTS tab loses clickability function and becomes a dead tab.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can guide me through how to edit (the dimensions of?) the space physically below my current navigation bar to make room for a second row of menu tabs to appear on the screen...

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