Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Textbook information for Saturday ALESN Cantonese II Workshop / Potential Year-Long Class (depending on interest)

Hi Everyone,

For this class, which I have not taught before, I will be using one of my favorite advanced beginner / low intermediate level textbooks. Like the Cantonese I textbook that I am using this year, this one is public domain, which means that it is available as a legitimate, FREE download. You are also welcome to purchase an actual physical book on Amazon, though this title has been out of print for many years and used copies might be expensive. Perhaps it is best to wait and see if this will become an actual class or if it will be relegated to "4 week-long workshop" status.

Here is a download link for the textbook that I will be using for this class. This resource includes a PDF of the textbook (which you may download to a laptop, tablet, or phone, or print and put in a binder) as well as maybe 20-30 HOURS of mp3 audio to accompany all of the lessons:

Download links and instructions are AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Do not be fooled into downloading the "free" software offered on this page above where the ebook displays on your screen and again right above the file download links at the bottom of the page. This is advertising and may include spyware. It has nothing to do with downloading this ebook or its mp3s.

The free PDF and audio mp3 downloads are clean and all you need to do is scroll to the bottom of the page, right click each item and save them to your computer. There are also instructions on how to do this right next to the files that you will right click.

You must plan to set aside time for the duration of this course to listen to these mp3s MULTIPLE TIMES EACH WEEK! The only way you can improve at speaking a foreign language with pronunciation very different from your first language is to hear that language over and over again, and to try to replicate the sounds of the new language over and over again -- each time getting closer, eventually "getting it right."

If you are ethnically Chinese and have been speaking with your family for some number of years, you can most likely disregard the previous paragraph.

Thanks for reading and see you all in class!

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