Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The next postings that I will type...

From a series of emails just now to my friend Asim, who has been acting as a consultant to me recently as I rearrange my professional life:

...I am still tweaking [sayitrightchinese] to make it function more like a website, less like a default blog template. I will be adding tabs as soon as I grab lunch. I just added a static homepage, so whenever anyone goes to the blog, they will always see my welcome message -- and then they can click on any of the specific categories at the right (and possibly at top once I create tabs). This way, my Cantonese students can click on their tab, my Mandarin students on their tab, and general visitors can explore the blog as if it were a website with multiple thematically self-contained sections.


I have also planned the next 5 specific posts that I will do (3 more today -- one for each of my classes with links to download or purchase textbooks, so students can get the appropriate texts right away). Following these 3, one posting for each of 2 new blog sections on Mispronouncing Cantonese and Mispronouncing Mandarin, in which I have chosen 3 pairs or sets of multiple very similar mispronunciations, where one pronunciation is correct and the other is either humorous or vulgar.

Once I have added these posts, I will start going through my email archives from past years of classes I have taught and I will copy and paste various important orientation emails and other relevant Cantonese and Mandarin insights from past years into 2 new sections of the blog: Cantonese Learning Archive and Mandarin Learning Archive.

These last 2 sections will give me hundreds of blog posting possibilities. All I need to do is scroll through the hundreds or thousands of Chinese school emails I have sent and received over the past almost 8 years and pull the best language strategies, insights, fun or funny stories, etc. and copy and paste them one at at time as new blog entries....This way, I will have a blog with literally hundreds of screens of content in a matter of months...

By the end of this week, I should have around 20-30 posts on this Chinese Learning blog. I have started with 11 by copying and pasting content from recent Chinese school emails in my inbox, plus typing one new page from scratch (my welcome page). I will add at least 3 more posts later today -- so almost 15 posts on the first day that the blog as gone live.


I also need to find out how to get my Chinese blog listed on Google -- and then do the same for my other blogs as well, once I populate them.

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