Thursday, February 28, 2019

Mandarin I ALESN Monday Night 2/25/19 Class Summary and Notes

Hi Gang,

This past Monday, we began Lesson 3 Dialogue 1 vocabulary and dialogue. HOWEVER, that is not where we left off the previous class.

You guys jumped ahead a few pages. When I asked where we were in the class, whoever told me was wrong, and whoever agreed with that person/persons was also not paying attention during our previous class.

No problem.

It's all good, because it was my responsibility for believing you guys. I accept full responsibility for accidentally skipping several important pages at the end of Lesson 2 Dialogue 2's Grammar Points. Therefore, we will need to backtrack a bit next Monday, catch up, and then move forward.

Please review Lesson 2 Dialogue 2 from this next blog entry below. This is just to set the stage for the stuff that we missed.

I am absolutely certain that I did not cover some of the following material yet in your class, also from Lesson 2 Dialogue 2:

I know this because the subtle nuances of mixed uses of bu4 and mei2 with you3 (to have) on the bottom of page 54 always confuse multiple students every year and lead to a somewhat long discussion each year regarding how this works. We absolutely did not discuss this particular stuff yet in your class.

This is where we will pick up next Monday, with the material covered in the second blog entry above (the Grammar Points for Lesson 2 Dialogue 2 -- mainly Grammar Point # 7). From here, we will quickly do the Lesson 2 Dialogue 2 Language Practice. And then, finally, we will move on to Lesson 3 -- hopefully towards the end of next Monday's class.

Regarding our false start with Lesson 3 Dialogue 1 last week, we went over the vocab and then I repeated the dialogue 3 times (3 different speeds from slow to almost normal). Once I go over the remainder of the Lesson 2 Dialogue 2 material mentioned above, we will finally move onto Lesson 3. At that point, we will review the vocab, dialogue, break into groups and then do the Grammar Points for Lesson 3 Dialogue 1. These will mainly focus on the numbers from 0 to 99. We will learn numbers, then applications of numbers, such as telling time, days of the week, months, years, and even the concept of money eventually.

But for now, sorry...we need to finish Lesson 2 Dialogue 2's Grammar Points. Future lessons will assume that you have learned this material and have some command of it. I would rather explain this stuff to you now than have to backtrack later on when the same material is repeated in the book and you guys might be confused about what is going on -- especially the dou1 stuff on page 54.

See you all on Monday,

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