Wednesday, December 12, 2018

ALESN Monday night Mandarin I class Summary and notes, AND SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED ON CHRISTMAS EVE, 2 MONDAYS FROM NOW

ALESN Monday night Mandarin I class Summary and notes, AND SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED ON CHRISTMAS EVE, 2 MONDAYS FROM NOW

Hi Gang,

BEFORE I FORGET TO MENTION, IT HAS BEEN DECIDED THAT OUR PROGRAM WILL BE CLOSED ON CHRISTMAS EVE, 2 MONDAYS FROM NOW, EVEN THOUGH THE SCHOOL AND THE YMCA ARE PHYSICALLY OPEN THAT NIGHT. We know that a lot of folks might have company or family holiday parties and dinners that night, and we certainly don't want to get in the way of anyone's holiday plans!

Once again, I am a bit pressed for time this week, but I wanted to get this out sooner than I did last week. I will briefly summarize what we covered and then paste links below for the appropriate 2017 blog entries for you all to read which will more thoroughly cover the same material, as well as preview the material that we will cover in the next couple of classes.

This past Monday evening, we reviewed Lesson 1 Dialogue 1 vocabulary, then quickly reviewed the dialogue, and then moved onto the various grammar points and then broke up into small groups for the last 10 minutes or so of class for you all to work on the Language Practice sections with your friends and neighbors. The vocabulary that we reviewed was on pages 21-22. The dialogue itself is on page 21 in pinyin, which you all will remember that I am insisting that you study FIRST, even if you can already read Chinese characters, for reasons mentioned previously. Though this was a very short and simple dialogue, it sets the groundwork for the rest of our lessons and dialogues, so please make sure that you thoroughly understand it, that you can recite it from the pinyin as accurately as possible, and that you memorize the meanings of all 15 of the first vocabulary items that we have gone over so far. We will briefly review the vocabulary and then move onto Dialogue 2 next Monday.

Yay -- progress, finally!

Please continue to review the pronunciation and tones material from our first month of classes, and please continue to come to class prepared with any questions that might help you with your personal studies and help the class with their general knowledge of beginner level Chinese so far. Thanks!

YOUR HOMEWORK FOR NEXT MONDAY IS to rewatch the video of Lesson 1 Dialogue 1 several times until you have either memorized it or come as close as you can at this point in time. THEN, please preview the video for Lesson 1 Dialogue 2, watching it twice or three times if possible, so that you will be ready in advance of next Monday and have a picture in your mind of what is going on in the dialogue before we cover it.

Please review to the following blog entries from last year's class covering this same material:

intro to Lesson 1 Dialogue 1:

Lesson 1 Dialogue 1:

Best wishes to all and see you next week,

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