Sunday, December 9, 2018

ALESN Monday night Mandarin I Class 12/3/18 Summary and Notes -- Sorry for the extreme delay...

Hi Gang,

I apologize for my extreme delay in posting this review of what we covered last week. I am still trying to get over this annoying cold and I had an unexpectedly busy week last week...

Let's quickly review what we covered last Monday night. I was very pleased to see so many returning faces. Thank you all for continuing to attend class. Now that we have officially finished the dry pronunciation and tones stuff, I promise that we will have a bit more fun going forward.

This past Monday, we started Lesson 1 Dialogue 1. Remember that your homework was/is to download and watch the video for this dialogue, preferably from the San Francisco State University website link that I provided a few weeks ago (this link has the best video and audio quality). Again, because we don't know how long these links will be available, I highly suggest that everyone take 5 minutes to right click and download ALL of the free videos for the entire textbook. We are going to refer to these videos and I am going to assign them as homework/required viewing for the rest of the academic year.

We began by covering some very basic terms on page 19, followed by the vocabulary on pages 21-22. Following this, we went over the dialogue on pages 20-21, and I stressed to all of you that I NEED you to please learn each dialogue going forward FROM THE PINYIN, regardless of whether you can already read the Chinese characters. Once you have memorized the correct pronunciation and tones for all of the new vocabulary items from each dialogue, THEN you are welcome to read and study each dialogue from the characters going forward if you already know or are learning the characters. HOWEVER, AT FIRST, PLEASE LEARN TO READ AND PRONOUNCE EACH DIALOGUE ONLY FROM THE PINYIN, TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE INDEED PRONOUNCING EACH SYLLABLE AND EACH TONE AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE.

Please read the following blog entries from my 2017-2018 class, covering this exact material

Best wishes to All and see everyone tomorrow night,


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