Thursday, December 7, 2017


Hi Gangz,

Tsz Fong, our fearless head administrator, has sent along the following holiday closing schedule to all ALESN teachers and volunteers, and I thought I would share it with everyone. I appreciate everyone's continued attendance this past fall semester and look forward to a productive spring semester as well, when we will continue with the same material, wherever we leave off in 2 weeks for the Christmas closing.

Happy Holidays!!!

The school at 100 Hester St will be physically closed for Winter Recess from
Sat 12/23 to Mon 1/1

The last day of 2017 Saturday classes is: 12/16
The last day of 2017 Monday classes is: 12/18
The last day of 2017 Thursday classes is: 12/21

The first day of 2018 Thursday classes is: 1/4
The first day of 2018 Saturday classes is: 1/6
The first day of 2018 Monday classes is: 1/8

For 2018 the school will be closed on the dates below.

(*Note that I'm only listing the dates we hold classes on (Mon, Thur, Sat)
If the school is closed on a day we don't hold classes I won't list it below to avoid any confusion.)

Mon 1/1   Winter Recess
Mon 1/15  MLK
Sat 2/17  Lunar New Year
Mon 2/19  Presidents' Day
Thu 2/22  Mid-Winter Recess
Sat 3/31  Spring Recess
Mon 4/2   Spring Recess
Thu 4/6   Spring Recess
Sat 5/26  Memorial Day Weekend
Mon 5/28  Memorial Day Weekend

This is not yet confirmed but I think the last day of classes will be
Sat 6/23 or Sat 6/30.

As per ALESN tradition, we hold a talent show on the last day of Saturday classes.
All students and instructors are welcome to perform at the talent show.

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