Thursday, October 12, 2017

Link from one of our students for a website with 3 speeds of all textbook audio!!!

Hi Gang,

As suggested in class last week, one of our students has found a website with free audio clips for everything from our textbook IN 3 SPEEDS: SLOW, MEDIUM AND FAST for all excerpts of spoken Mandarin Chinese.

I cannot recommend this enough as a resource for all of you going forward, because this is EXACTLY how I and our assistant teacher Esther will be going over the material with you for the rest of the academic year -- once we begin Lesson 1 Dialogue 1!

Please bookmark and explore the following link, and please plan to refer back to it on a weekly basis going forward until such time as either you no longer need to work on your pronunciation and tones (highly unlikely for an absolute beginner Mandarin I student in our program) -- or until the website is taken down or they give it a password (this has happened in the past to some of the free online free resources we have recommended to our students and, of course, we have no control over this).

THIS is why I assigned you all last week the homework that is due today, of downloading all of the videos for our textbook from the link that I sent last week -- before they add a password to the site or before they take it down. 

Please bookmark the following link and start referring to it on a weekly basis (as frequently as possible during this early stage of learning pronunciation and tones). When exploring the files on the link below, please make sure to stick with the audio files IN THE LEFT COLUMN, which are the TEXTBOOK files. [The files in the right hand column are designed to go with the workbook, which I will not be using in your class this year.]

See you all in class tonight.

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