Friday, May 10, 2019

ALESN Cantonese Class Email and Summary from Monday Night, 5/6/19 class

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for my delay in sending this out, but at least I am getting it to you before the weekend.

This past Monday night, we reviewed the vocabulary and dialogue from Lesson 6. We took a look at the 36 vocabulary words on pages 150-151 of the textbook and we chunked some of the knowledge thematically and categorically during our review, which will help you during memorization -- if you paid attention. We reviewed the Recapitulation of the Dialogue on pages 128-129, pointing out the use of measure words when counting pieces of clothing.

Because this past Monday night was entirely review, picking up from where we left off before the Easter Break and then my unfortunate kidney stones absence 2 Mondays ago, there isn't much for me to type. Please take some time this weekend, if you haven't already this past week, to review the vocabulary and dialogue so that we can move forward with minimal questions on Monday.

Following your breaking up into small groups to run the dialogue this past Monday, we reviewed some pronunciation comparisons between short and long vowel sounds/finals on pages 129-131. I also quickly glossed over a review of the numbers chart that we studied earlier this spring, which I had drawn on the white board maybe a month ago or so. Please make sure that you are comfortable with your numbers and go back and review counting from 1 to 99 if you are having any issues recalling the system for constructing numbers in Cantonese.

See you all on Monday. We will pick up with some more grammar and then move onto this lesson's exercises during our next class.

Thanks again to all of the well wishes regarding my recent illness. I wound up having crystals (microscopic kidney stones) and some other complicating factors that made me sick for about 9 or 10 days. I really appreciate the nice emails and welcome backs from students in class this past Monday!

Best wishes to all,


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