Sunday, March 31, 2019

ALESN Cantonese I Class Email Summary and Notes -- see everyone tomorrow night!

Hi Everyone,

My apologies for not typing an email this past week. Hopefully everyone reviewed what we covered last Monday. Because we spent all of last class going over drills from Lesson 4, there wasn't really much for me to type, other than to suggest that everyone review Lesson 4, basic numbers and all of that from 2 weeks ago, and please be ready to dive into Lesson 5 tomorrow night.

After doing 3 examples from each of the Lesson 4 drill exercises, we did a few examples of the "Say It In Cantonese" section from Lesson 4. If you haven't been reading and trying to do these sentences on your own over the past 4 lessons, I highly recommend that you review Lesson 1 through 4 "Say It In Cantonese" on the next to last page of each lesson, and that you start studying these sections going forward for the rest of the academic year (another 2 and 1/2 months).

At the end of last Monday's class, we previewed the Lesson 5 vocabulary on pages 125-126 and then I quickly read you all the Recapitulation of Lesson 5's conversation/dialogue on pages 106-107. We briefly discussed that this lesson features obsequious politeness phrases for welcoming guests into your home as well as offering things; accepting things offered to you; and politely declining things that are offered to you when you don't want those things. We mentioned that this lesson's dialogue spends a lot of time with one person offering a cigarette to their guest, a bit of political incorrectness in today's world.

See you all tomorrow. Please come to class ready to jump right into Lesson 5's vocabulary and dialogue.


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